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Women Cuts                                      Prices Starting At $40 and up                  
Color Retouch Only                         Prices Starting At $40 and up
Color Retouch w/Finish                  Prices Starting At $70 and up
Color Retouch w/Haircut/Finish   Prices Starting At $80 and up
Full Foil Only                                    Prices Starting At $100 and up
Full Foil w/Finish                             Prices Starting At $130 and up
Full Foil w/Haircut/Finish              Prices Starting At $140 and up
Partial Foil Only                               Prices Starting At $90 and up
Partial Foil w/Finish                        Prices Starting At $120 and up
Partial Foil w/Haircut/Finish         Prices Starting At $130 and up
Blowdry Finish                                 Prices Starting At $30 and up
Color & Foil                                      Prices Starting At $120 and up
Upstyle                                              Prices Starting At $55 and up
Shine/Gloss Treatment                  Prices Starting At $25 and up
Perm w/Cut                                      Prices Starting At $80 and up
Keratin Treatment                          Prices Starting At $250 and up
Keratin Mini                                    Prices Starting At $50 and up
Men's Cut                                         Prices Starting At $30 and up
Kid's 12 & under                              Prices Starting At $20 and up
Men's Express Clipper Cut            Prices Starting At $15 and up

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