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My name is Evelyn Wagner, a licensed Esthetician in the State of Rhode Island. I began my career in Esthetics in 2003, graduating at the top of my class.

As a Spa Owner, I have traveled the world updating my knowledge and training in Advanced Esthetics Techniques.
I have worked with doctors and surgeons in Medical Esthetics, as well as, in the field of Beauty Esthetics.

I am qualified and experienced in all phases of skin treatment, including Acne, Rosacea, and many others.
I use the finest equipment and products available to provide my clients and patients with the highest quality skin care and waxing services.

Come make an appointment and you will see the improvement in your skin, and leave with a skin care regimen designed for your exact needs, based on knowledge and experience. 

I hope to be seeing you soon.

"Se habla Español" 

- Evy

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